30 Nov 2011

You can see Michelle’s new crop hair looks quite matte and natural, there isn’t much fuss. This is because there has been very little product applied when dry as a finisher.

michelle-williams-marilyn-premiere Michelle Williams at Marilyn premiere with a new crop hair

How to achieve the crop hair look?

Use a leave in conditioner to soften the hair.

Work L’Oreal Natural Liss through the hair and begin drying on a medium heat.

Using a vent brush, brush the hair from side to side in opposite directions.

Follow the head shape to create a natural shape to the hair and remember to direct the hair downwards in the direction of the neck when at the back.

Use your fingers to twist the ends of the fringe so it kicks out a little.

When the hair gets almost dry, you will have a good idea of where the hair is parting but do not create a parting, the hair needs to naturally sweep over.

Use your fingers to move the hair into place.

To get the fringe to perfectly kick, rub your fingers together with ends in between.

Finish with L’Oreal Infinium hairspray or L’Oreal Fixing Mist

If you would like a crop hair cut like Michelle’s book into our hair salon in Leeds through the booking form here