17 Apr 2017

Ready for a new season hair colour? Or perhaps a new season hairstyle? Or maybe both? Here at the RMUK salon in Leeds we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest hair trends, and executing them to an extremely high standard. Our clients often ask what the spring hair colour and hairstyle trends are, so keep reading if you want to know about the latest popular looks!




From lilac hues and silvery-greys, to rose pinks and peach infusions, whether you’re after an all over colour, or fancy introducing flashes of pastels, RMUK in Leeds is the place to visit for to ensure you walk out with the hair colour that you will love. Our expertise and knowledge of all the latest fashion trends means we can advise what will work for your hair, to ensure you leave happy. This super popular trend seems to be here for a while, so if you’ve been considering joining the pastel army, then get in touch to discuss!

IMG_5481-300x300 Spring 2017 Hair Colour and Hairstyle Trends

Balayage has been a popular look for a while now (and actually started in 1970’s France, seeing a strong comeback recently). It’s showing no sign of slowing down… and rightly so, because with this natural highlight option, this look works on everyone. Complimenting your natural colour, whether that be blonde, light brown, rich red, warm chocolate or a jet black, it’s open to you!

IMG_5478-300x300 Spring 2017 Hair Colour and Hairstyle Trends


If it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for us! Colouring is a complicated process, and to get it right and not damage your hair we really do recommend you visit our salon for expert care to keep your hair in tip-top condition. Platinum means commitment in the world of hair colour – keep those roots at bay, while keeping your hair in great condition, at RMUK Leeds salon.


Warm brunettes
Basically anything that sounds like a tasty treat is what to aim for here! Chocolates, coffees, caramels are all on this list for Spring / Summer ’17 believe it or not! Add some highlights or a touch of balayage to bring in a little more dimension.


Neutral highlights
Think sun-kissed hair here. Remember back in the day when you’d pop lemon on your hair for your hols? Well, this look is what you always aimed for but never managed! The new trend is to use tones that usually match up with your skin tone – the nude highlight. This works really well with balayage too!




Long Mermaid Locks
Okay, so maybe you won’t magically become a mermaid, but your hair will certainly have the princess vibe going on! Plus you could add some pastel colour to go the extra magical-mile.
Ultra feminine, softens features and works well with different layering approaches dependent on your face shape. Front layering is really popular, and works well if you have finer hair as it adds a little body. Front layering also works well for a squarer jawline if started at the cheekbone. For oval face shapes you’d take it a little lower. Want to know how layering can compliment your face shape? We’re here to help!

IMG_5476-300x300 Spring 2017 Hair Colour and Hairstyle Trends



Super-Blunt Lob
Forget everything you know about layers for this one, the latest trend is a blunt lob. Again spotted on Kim Kardashian recently this look is a flattering one, and here’s why…
⁃ It flatters many face shapes, and can elongate your neck. Winner!
⁃ Makes your hair look thicker, so a great style for finer hair.
⁃ A versatile style, whether you want to keep it poker-straight, leave it natural, throw in a beach wave you can mix it up.
⁃ The lob works with any colour. Perfect!



Lob with Long Layering
A softer look than the blunt cut, this style is perfect for an oval or slightly longer face. If you’ve got thicker hair this style will work well too. Plus it looks great with a wave, or straight.

pink_lob-235x300 Spring 2017 Hair Colour and Hairstyle Trends



Modern Pixie
Lets take it back to the 60’s with Twiggy and her iconic look, but now add on a little more length and there you have it, the modern day Pixie cut. With loads of texture to the style, it’s perfect for those who want a low-maintenance ‘do. Katy Perry came out earlier this month rocking a pixie looking fab, then look it on to an even shorter look…

short3-169x300 Spring 2017 Hair Colour and Hairstyle Trends short2-225x300 Spring 2017 Hair Colour and Hairstyle Trends short-225x300 Spring 2017 Hair Colour and Hairstyle Trends



The Shaved and Short!
Not for the faint-hearted… Calling all ladies who want to make a bold statement with their hairstyle! Team it with a cool shade like Katy Perry or Kristen Stewart-esque platinum shade and you’re bound to turn heads!
Ready for a brand new style? Whether you have something in mind, or want advice from the experts just send us a message or call on 0113 243 68 42 to discuss! We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,
The team at RMUK Leeds

17 Apr 2015

Brunette to Blonde – How to go lighter this Summer.

Thinking of going lighter this Summer?

There are so many questions to ask before jumping in feet first. Which blonde will suit your skin tone? Are you prepared for the maintenance being a blonde takes? Do you have the professional products at home to alleviate the possible damage caused to your hair through the lightening process?

Here is our guide to going blonde but if you have any more questions please contact us. Be realistic about your goals and what you think your stylist can achieve. Stylists will always think is it achievable as not everyone can achieve Rita Ora blonde hair.

  1. Be realistic about what you want to achieve

Things to think about are – do you have colour on your hair? If so is your hair strong enough to be cleansed without seriously damaging your hair? What condition is your hair in? If your hair is already weak and dry is it worth potentially damaging your hair more? Your stylist can offer home care advice for how to strengthen your hair.

What is your natural hair colour? Think maintenance, if you are naturally dark then are you prepared to visit our salon more often for touch ups to avoid bad regrowth? For clients with naturally dark hair we suggest a few natural, subtle highlights to start off with and gradual go lighter.

What skin tone do you have? Would you be better with ash blondes or warmer tones?

pizap.com14290881237692 How to go lighter this Summer at RMUK

  1. Book in at RMUK for a colour consultation

This is vitally important when you are thinking of a colour change. It gives you time to sit down with your stylist to discuss colours so they can see what your vision is. Bring pictures with you of how you would like your colour to look. The stylists can then give you their expert advice on what is achievable, and the process it will take and how many visits it will take. If the colour you want isn’t achievable then your stylist will be able to offer alternative options.


pizap.com14290882936861 How to go lighter this Summer at RMUK


  1. Maintenance and homecare

The saying may be Blondes have more fun, but being blonde can be more high maintenance. Full head bleach blondes tend to require appointments very 6 weeks to avoid bad regrowth and so your colour looks fresh and vibrant. Highlighted hair needs redoing between every 8 weeks to 3 months depending on the style you have chosen. Investing in professional homecare is vital to maintaining colour but more importantly improving your hair’s condition. Your stylist will be able to advise you on which products to use at home. We have fantastic ranges such as L’Oreal Professionel, Kerastase or Moroccanoil which provide the colour care your hair needs.

pizap.com14290886081651 How to go lighter this Summer at RMUK

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14 Apr 2015


Thinking of having a change and going for this year’s top trend the bob?

Here are a few factors to think about:

  1. Length

One of the main things to think about when having your hair cut into a bob is the length. Do you want a short bob or a ‘lob’ (long bob)? What is your ideal length? One thing to think about when deciding how long or short you want your bob is how long do you have every morning to style your hair? If mornings are busy enough without having to perfectly style your hair then a mid length bob may be more suitable for you. Mid length bobs are more versatile and can be tied up if needed making it less high maintenance. For people who have time on a morning to style your hair then a shorter version may be more ideal.

bob-lengths3 2015 The Year of the Bob


  1. Layers

Now you’ve decided on length the next thing to think about is layers. If you are unsure talk about it with your RMUK stylist. Layers are used to create movement and shape, but they can grow out quickly with shorter layers so may mean more trips to RMUK to keep your style. Having no layers is lower maintenance. Another thing to think about is how long do you want to keep this style, if you’re having it done just for a season trend and will possibly want to grow it out by winter then longer or no layers will be best.

layere-bob2 2015 The Year of the Bob


  1. Styling

Looking for ways to style your bob? Then ask your stylist. Soft waves can be achieved using your straighteners or tongs. Having layers in your bob creates movement and volume so you can create different looks – straight and smooth for the day, and tousled waves for an evening.The longer your bob the more styling options you have – another key trend for this season the wet look, or top knot, tousled waves or super sleek and straight. The styling options for bobs are endless

pizap.com142901195975711 2015 The Year of the Bob

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15 Jan 2015

Welcome back the Bob

2014 was all about the ‘Lob’ (long bob) but the Bob is back. This has been seen on the catwalks by Jourdan Dunn for Burberry, also on Chloe and Givenchy’s Spring/Summer catwalks.

Bob hairstyles have remained one of the hottest hairstyles in the history of hair fashion, they have been going since the early 1900’s. Any woman is sure to find a style that suits her best due to the various ways hair can be cut. Bob hairstyles seems to have endless variations that can be created depending on one’s facial structure, hair texture and personal styling needs. It is a great style that people growing out the crop can grow their hair in to.

To book a Hair Cut and Style book online

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GIVNECHY_WCFS15_55-200x300 The Bob is back for 2015

Jourdan-Dunn2-199x300 The Bob is back for 2015chloe-catwalk-bob-200x300 The Bob is back for 2015

13 Jan 2015

Ombre no more? Looking for something new for 2015?

Good-bye Ombre and welcome back natural looking full head highlights and all over global colours for 2015. Victoria Secrets models Alessandra Ambrosia and Adriana Lima were once the queens of Ombre/Sombre but are now going for a richer more natural looking full global colour. Or for those of you that love being blonde follow Candice Swanepoel’s example by going for a full head of natural looking highlights.


adriana-lima-at-2014-victoria-s-secret-fashion-show-runway_6-212x300 Say Goodbye to Ombre and try a new you for the New Year      Candice-Swanepoel-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Runway-2013-10-206x300 Say Goodbye to Ombre and try a new you for the New Year









It model at the moment, Kendall Jenner, has done away with any fashion colour and is sporting a very natural tint. Browns like Kendall’s, the richer the better, are very much on trend at the moment think presenter Emma Willis and singer/actress Selena Gomez.

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kendall-jenner-199x300 Say Goodbye to Ombre and try a new you for the New Year

emma-willis-300x254 Say Goodbye to Ombre and try a new you for the New Year