06 Feb 2017

Did your New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside? Cutting down on some of the things we enjoy most can be hard, so try not to be too hard on yourself! Don’t rule out your success just yet… If you’re looking for a way to get back into the swing of ‘A New Year, A New You’, then keep on reading!

Here at RMUK we offer a wide range of spa treatments to help your journey to wellness. Our use of Guinot and Aveda spa products will be the perfect reset button to a healthier you.

Toxins can build up in our bodies a number of ways: Poor diet, alcohol intake, and a sedentary lifestyle being the main culprits.

Wondering how you can get back to healthiness?  Detoxifying with a lymph drainage massage technique is one answer.

wellness-285587_1280-1024x682 Detox Treatments Available at RMUK in Leeds


The lymphatic system has lots of vessels, and fluid called a lymph. This system is extremely important to your immune system, so keeping it in good shape is important. Lymph drainage helps the lymph fluid move more freely, and the reason it’s good for you? The fluid removes the toxins, excess water and bacteria out.

The benefits to this are as follows:

TO THE BODY – Reduces swelling from affected areas by removing protein and wastes products, and helps maintain a healthy immune system.

TO THE FACE – Reduces facial and eye puffiness, along with being great for anti-ageing. Lymph drainage supports clearer, cleaner skin.

The Aveda aroma body wrap is a warming, detoxifying, seaweed body treatment. Using Aveda products with a dry skin brushing techniques. Afterwards, you will experience a seaweed body mask, plus a head and facial massage to help you unwind.

It’s not just your body that needs detoxifying though! Our faces carry toxins too, which can make our skin appear grey, sluggish and lifeless. With that in mind, how about combining your Aveda Aroma Body Wrap with one of our NEW TULASARA facials? This facial also works with dry brushing, and a lymph drainage massage – this technique lends itself to the ultimate detox treatment. Our TULASRA facial can also be booked as a stand alone treatment for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or even 90 minutes!

‘Tulasara’ means moving towards balance, so this facial focuses on balancing your skin.

facial-treatments_RMUK-1024x679 Detox Treatments Available at RMUK in Leeds

This is great for all skin types, as it will be tailored to you, whether is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or for a more radiant glowing complexion the dry brushing techniques will not only remove dead skin cells for great exfoliation but it will also encourage lymphatic drainage reducing puffiness on bags under the eyes. We also use lymph drainage moves within the relaxing facial massage giving you a sense of wellbeing.

Looking for a body overhaul? Try out our full body lymphatic drainage massage treatment for the ultimate detox using little or no pressure draining We work all the lymph nodes of the body to flush away toxins.

Our Guinot hydra-lift is great for special occasions and mature skin. This treatment consists of a facial drainage, and a mini lift treatment – your skin will be free of toxins, and appear lifted and firmer! The Guinot hydra-lift works towards your facial muscles and lymph nodes. Expect your skin to radiate and have a firmer appearance!

Here at RMUK we want to make sure you get the most out of your treatment, so recommend you follow these guidelines post-treatment:

  • Drink plenty of water over the next few days following your treatment
  • Reduce your caffeine intake
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas etc. for couple of hours
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours
  • If you are a smoker try your best to reduce your intake as much as possible
  • Make time to relax and rest! This allows your blood pressure to return to normal.
  • Diet is important; avoid spicy foods, and follow your treatment with a light meal, and snack on raw foods that are easy to digest.
  • Last but by no means least… sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy your treatments – you deserve it!

If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment send us a message or call: 0113 243 68 42

20 Jan 2017

Looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for your other half? Been asked on a date and want to look your best for less? Or maybe you are anti-cupid but a lover of bargains… Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered with our spa and beauty treatment deals here at RM-UK in Leeds City Centre.

Our luxury salon oozes Italian style, and is the perfect place to relax and unwind. We have double treatment rooms too, so couples can enjoy the experience together – doesn’t get much more romantic than that, does it?

Using brands such as AVEDA, you can rest assured that these great packages will not disappoint. From extra perks such as a glass of prosecco and nibbles, to complimentary tea, coffee or a smoothie, and even afternoon tea or breakfast, there’s a deal to suit all tastes! So, which will you choose?

Couple’s Pamper (Package 1) – £150

Relax and unwind in our double treatment room with that special someone.

  • 1 hour AVEDA spa treatment
  • Robe and slippers to wear during your stay
  • Glass of prosecco and nibbles
  • Complimentary tea or coffee or smoothie

champagne-1033655_1280-300x225 Valentines Day Deals 2017


Pre-Date Preening (Package 2) – £35

Prepare for your special Valentine’s Day date.

  • Ready to go manicure
  • Full body spray tan

treatment-1327811_1920-300x199 Valentines Day Deals 2017


Head to Toe Ready (package 3) – £65

Look your best and be ready to go, from head to toe.

  • 30min Aveda spa facial
  • Ready to go pedicure

massage-1929064_1280-300x200 Valentines Day Deals 2017


Couple’s Ultimate Relaxation (Package 4) – £250

The ultimate relaxation package for the both of you

  • Welcome Aveda comforting tea
  • 1 hour Aveda spa treatment
  • Pedicure
  • Express manicure
  • 30mins in the relaxation area
  • Robe and slippers for during your stay
  • Glass of prosecco and nibbles
  • Afternoon tea or breakfast

wellness-285587_1280-300x200 Valentines Day Deals 2017

  • Double treatment room available for smaller spa treatments, please request when booking.
  • Add a wash and blow dry, or style to any of the above packages for just £20

Please call 0113 243 68 42 to book early and avoid disappointment!

16 Dec 2016
winter-hair-care-guide-1024x643 The Ultimate Winter Hair Care Guide

Winter has well and truly set in, and unfortunately our hair can be the first to show signs of it. Experiencing dry and dull hair with signs of breakage, but unsure how you can combat it? Don’t worry, with our ultimate guide to winter hair care tips, you’ll be celebrating silky smooth, healthy hair in no time!

  • Limit your use of blow dryers and curling irons – Your hair is drier in the colder months, and using heated appliances adds to this, meaning more damage and breakage. Avoid where possible, and if you’re staying indoors, give your hair a break and leave to dry naturally.
hair-curling-tongs-1024x683 The Ultimate Winter Hair Care Guide
  • Don’t over-brush! Your hair is more brittle during wintertime, so make sure you’re gentle with it. Comb through your hair with a wide tooth-comb, followed by a tangle teezer to avoid as much breakage as possible.
  • Regular trims – Your hair is prone to split ends in winter, so by having regular trims, you’ll be preventing split ends from travelling up and causing irreparable damage.
  • Less is more; avoid washing your hair everyday. This isn’t just for the cold months, but it’s even more important around this time of year. Washing your hair frequently strips it of the natural oils and dries out. Dry shampoo is your friend!
  • SLS-free moisturising shampoo and conditioners are a must. Many shampoos and conditioners contain sulphates which are extremely strong on your hair. Great for a clarifying clean every now and again, but certainly too harsh for the winter as they’re simply too drying for your hair and scalp.
  • Resist the urge to have a hot shower – We know it’s freezing, and the last thing you want is a cold shower, but opt for warm instead of hot… your hair and skin will thank you! Washing your hair with lukewarm water will help lock in the moisture and give your hair extra shine, instead of drying it out like hot water will.
  • Use leave-in conditioner after every wash, focusing on the ends than the roots – this is where you have the most breakage from exposure to heat.
  • Heat protection spray is a MUST if you’re going to blow-dry, or use any other form of heated appliance on your hair!
  • Treat your tresses to a weekly hair mask – a deep conditioning treatment can do wonders bringing moisture back in the winter months.
  • Oil treatments are just what the hairdresser ordered! Whether it’s argan, coconut or almond oil, hot or otherwise, you’ll see a noticeable difference to your hair – not to mention they’re great at taming fly-aways which we’re prone to during winter.
  • Cover up – One of the best ways to protect your hair from the harsh weather is to simply cover it up! Plus you’ll stay extra toasty – win/win situation right?! That being said, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t cover your head too tightly or restrict circulation to your scalp.
  • Updos aren’t just stylish, they’re functional too. Having your hair up will help to protect from the elements if you’re not interested in having hat-hair. Try wearing styles that don’t need much maintenance. You might be tempted to comb your hair throughout the day or top it up with hairspray/volumiser. The extra manipulation can cause an increase in shedding as well as those annoying split ends.
  • Smart bond love – If you’re having your hair coloured, be sure to opt for Smart bond by Loreal! This revolutionary new product is on everyone’s lips and really works wonders on rebuilding the structure of the hair whilst colouring, perfect for frazzled hair needing a little TLC. Smart bond by Loreal is now available at RM-UK, so next time you book in for a colour, make sure you ask for more information on how you can add life back into your locks!

Smart-bond-haircare-300x300 The Ultimate Winter Hair Care Guide


Want to book in for your regular trim? Have questions about Smart bond? Need any more questions answering? Feel free to Ask the Expert Online, use the Contact Us Form or you can simply give us a call on: (0113) 243 6842

01 Dec 2016

Christmas-party-offers-1024x260 Christmas Hair, Beauty and Spa Party Packages

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re full of festive cheer! So much so, that we want to treat our wonderful customers by sharing a selection of incredible special offers during the holidays! Treat your hair, embrace your beauty, and indulge in spa treatments all while saving money to spend on Christmas gifts… you could even gift a treatment to a friend!

The run up to Christmas can be a stressful time, so a pamper is well and truly what the Doctor ordered. Take a little time out, head into Leeds City Centre and pamper yourself! Whether you’re preparing for an office party, night out on the tiles, or out to dinner with your friends, there’s a Christmas Package to suit.

Leave the car at home, relax in style by using our complimentary Client Chauffeur Service, and enjoy a complimentary glass of Prosecco upon arrival! Did we mention there’s a bar here too? Time to get the party started! So, now all that’s left to do is choose which Christmas Package suits you best…

Time to Sparkle – £50
For just £50 you can revitalise your hair colour, tame your tresses AND enjoy an express manicure!
– Colour Gloss Treatment
– Glamorous Blow Dry
– Express Manicure

Winter Wellness – £60
Preparing your mind and body before the festivities begin? Our Winter Wellness Package includes two spa treatments to awake and radiate, along with a luxurious blow dry.
– Aveda Tulasara 30min Radiance
– Awakening Facial
– Glamorous Blow Dry

Male Treatments – £65
Feel revitalised and refreshed for the party season with this Male Treatments package including cut and style.
-Aveda Tulasara 30min facial
-or bamboo back massage
-Cut and style

Winter Waves – £80
Perfect just before a Christmas party, the Winter Waves package is all about glamour! Be preened and feel polished ready for a night to remember.
– Glamorous Blow Dry
– Ready to Go Manicure
– Ready to Go Pedicure

Festive Feeling – £80
Fancy going all out? For £80 you will receive the radiance and awakening your skin yearns for. We use a wide range of products aimed to combat natural imbalance. Once you’re feeling invigorated and rejuvenated, it’s time to prep for the partying ahead with your indulgent blow dry, and express mani-pedi!
– Aveda Tulasara 30min Radiance
– Awakening Facial
– Glamorous Blow Dry
– Express Manicure
– Express Pedicure

Winter Warmer £60 (30min) // Winter Warmer £80 (60min)
We’re talking serious relaxation here. Whichever massage you choose, you’ll see a range of benefits from reducing stress levels, improved circulation, or a general mood booster due to released endorphins. Have a chat with us when you book, we can guide you with your decision!
– Hot stone or Bamboo Massage
– Glamorous Blow Dry
Found the perfect package for you, but fancy adding on a little extra? Choose from the list below, and we’ll take 20% off the item you include!

Add Ons
– LVL Eyelashes
– Party Eyelashes
– Nail Art
– Eyebrow Shape
– Spray Tan
Our Christmas Party Packages always prove extremely popular, so you’ll need to move fast to book a bargain! Please contact us here to book at appointment.

We can’t wait to see you,
The RM-UK Team

RMUK-Christmas-Packages_ProofFour-214x300 Christmas Hair, Beauty and Spa Party Packages


24 Jun 2016

Brazilian Waxing


The professional beauty therapists at the RMUK Hair and Beauty Salon in Leeds are all highly trained in the wide variety of methods used for waxing. To read about all our methods of waxing please visit:

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Removal at RMUK

waxing Brazilian WaxingEvery one of our clients has a different expectation of what is involved in a Brazilian wax. Some clients only wish to have the removal of any hair around the bikini line, others may wish to have a particular shape left on the front and some may wish to have all pubic hair removed totally, our highly trained staff can happily create the look you want.


The quality of wax used for Brazilian waxing is very important and we only use waxes that are perfect for your skin to ensure the procedure does not cause increased redness and skin trauma to the immediate area of skin affected.


By applying hot wax, the RMUK beauty therapist will effectively and efficiently remove hairs from the pubic area so that the end result is what you specifically require.


RMUK specialise in Brazilian treatments and ensure that you are totally relaxed and comfortable. Any questions can be addressed before and during the treatment.


After care is very important and the RMUK professional beauty therapists will make recommendations of how to maintain the Brazilian wax and at what stage to return to the salon for your next treatment.laura-moura Brazilian Waxing



Customer satisfaction is of great importance to the team at the RMUK Hair & Beauty Salon in Leeds, and if you require any further advice, contact us and we will be happy to help.